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domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014


This arabic castle is the last Moorish stronghold in Europe. 
It was built in the 11th century, but in 1333, Yusuf I converted the Alhambra in the royal palace, until 1492, when Boabdil surrendered to The Catholic Monarchs. 

It has 3 different parts. 
  • Alcazaba. It's the military area. You can go to the "Torre de la vela", where you can enjoy one of the nicest viewpoints in Granada. 
  • Nasrid palace. There's three different palaces. Mexuar Palace, Comares Palace and the Palace of the Lions. 
  • Generalife. The leisure area where the monarchs escaped from the routine. 

To visit the alhambra  it's recommended to book a ticket in advance, specially during weekends. 
It costs 14€, but if you have the European youth card you pay just 9€. Students cards are not accepted. People from Granada can get in for free on Sundays. 

I think you need at least 2 hours to see everything, but I recommend at least 3 or 4 hours. 

It's not far away from town. You can go on foot, but it's on a hill, so it's not an easy way, but it's worth it because it's a beautiful path.
Torre de la vela.  
Patio de los arrayanes. 
Patio de los arrayanes. 

Patio de los leones. 

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