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miércoles, 5 de febrero de 2014

Vi ses, Sverige.

It's such a weird feeling.
Even though I'm gonna travel the world, my first entrance is not gonna be about plans nor dreams.

I came to Sweden 631 days ago. I arrived to the same airport I'm flying from today. Skavsta. And I was planning to stay for a couple of weeks. I kind of got stuck though.

I didn't want to leave this country. I met such a wonderful people, that talked me into staying longer. I made friendships that I will keep forever.

I won't forget my first two weeks in Stockholm. I didn't have money to survive without a job. The hostels came out to be much more expensive than I had thought, and the couchsurfing community didn't help that much.

But fortunately a nice Egyptian guy hosted me for 3 days. He doesn't know how much he helped me. Not because I didn't have a place to stay, I know I would have found something. But because he became a really good friend. I'll always be so grateful.

I also have to thank all the people I worked with in Piazza Fiore. I literally lived in that restaurant. But some people made me feel like we were just hanging out instead of working as slaves. I'll miss you so much. I'll miss watching the Juventus matches in an iPhone. I'll miss my cholita and her orange juices. And I'll specially miss my princess dancing "el baile de la mano".

The girls from the Brasserie Tures. They were always happy, always smiling, always up to talk to me when I needed it. This place means so much for me. Of course it does. They have the first Vozka tap I've ever seen. And the kindest person in the world works in this place. And it was a pleasure saying god morgon every days and talk about how good atletico's doing.

Most of my friends come from work. And that's because I haven't done anything else than working. But now it's time to enjoy. I have the time of my life. And I'm sitting in a plane going to the city where everything started 3 years ago.

I'll, little by little, write in this blogs all my trips. The big one I'm just about to start, and the small ones I've been doing the last 3 years. So you can see you don't need to be rich to travel the world.

Those are the countries I've visited so far.

Not too many, but I need just a few months to make it nicer.

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