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jueves, 6 de marzo de 2014

Adiós, España.

Two years ago, I was sleeping in the same place as I slept last night. I also went to sleep too  late. I couldn't sleep. I was nervous, and I had many things to do.

I didn't know what I was up to that day, in that trip, but I ended up staying in a place much longer than I expected. Today I'm taking a plane, and my plan is quite similar. To live, to travel. I don't think I'll be back to Spain for a while. I'll definitely miss this country. Sometimes it feels like home. But the world is bigger than Spain, and I want to explore it as much as I can, before decide where I'm going to end up. It might be Spain, it might not, but I know this is not my country for this time of my life. It's a shame the feeling that I felt at home in Sweden more than I did in Spain. That I can't live in this beautiful country because it's governed  by thiefs, and the people ask for money or even food in the street, because the banks took them everything they owned. Spain doesn't seem a democracy, it seems a dictature. And I wan to be free.

So, bye bye Spain. Hello Ireland. Hello world.

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