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miércoles, 12 de marzo de 2014


I hitch-hiked from the airport to town in a hotel cab. I  found out that Bratislava is such a small town, I saw the main parts yesterday night while looking for a hostel. It seemed like a ghost city. The streets were empty, kind of dark... But it was lovely. I loved the peaceful I found in the old town. It's not as nice when you go to the suburbs tough. I ended up in some streets you couldn't even see the end because of the darkness. It's not a bad feeling, but if you've seen the movie "Hostel", your mind brings you bad memories.

I decided to go to Blues hostel. And it was a really good choice. The staff are so nice, really helpful and friendly. And the hostel itself is really nice as well. The rooms are clean, the beds are really comfortable and the toilet is also really clean. There's a big common room and a bar, so you can hang out with the people in the hostel. It costs around 10 euros per night. Not a great value, but there's not big difference with other hostels in town.

Bratislava welcomed me with a beautiful weather when I woke up. The sun was shining, and the temperature was above 10 degrees. I went to the free tour, and I found it a nice way to get to know the town, and some people as well.

The tourists spots are really close to each other, and you should definitely walk everywhere. Even to the castle, which is on the top of the hill. It seems pretty high, but is not. You may get there in 15 minutes from the main square.Once you're there, you can see the whole town. But I wasn't impressed for this view at all.

There's few statues around the old town. the most famous one is the guy into the sewer. Even though is the most famous spot in Bratislava, it was easy to take a picture without need to wait for other tourist. Actually, there's not many of them.

I've spent three days in Bratislava. More than enough, but I've had a really good time, and I've met really nice people that made me stay longer than I expected!

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