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jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014

Crossing the border on foot!

The distance from Ljubljana to Zagreb is only 143 km.

I had to be in Zagreb after 5PM, because my hosts were working during the morning. So I was not in a hurry at all.

I had checked the maps out, and I decided to go to the east part of town, in order to wait for a car to give me a lift, but the girl in the hostel advised me to go to the north. I trusted her, even though I thought the east way was better. But she was the local, she knows more about her city than I do.

I walked for an hour. Ljubljana is this kind of towns where you can't get into the buses without paying. And when I got to the ramp, and showed my paper with Zagreb written, an old man came to me to tell me what I already knew. This was not the exit to Zagreb. I didn't want to walk another two hours, so I decided to stay and just wait. It wasn't until I stopped showing I was going to the Croatian capital, when the cars began to stop. But of course, nobody was going to Zagreb.

Finally, a guy offered me to give me a lift to the Croatian border, but from the north. It was 120km, plus 80 to Zagreb from the border. Such a long way, right?

Of course, I accepted. I wasn't going to wait the whole morning standing in the road. I better waited sitting in a car. He finally dropped me off next to the border, and I walked to the barriers. The police men stopped me, asked for my ID, and made me unpack my bag.

They didn't find anything suspicious, so they left my packing again, and let me cross to Croatia.

I waited for 20 minutes, until a Bosnian guy who had lived in Portugal picked me up. He gave me some money, a bottle of water and some candies. We went together to Zagreb, but he kept driving and I found myself in a petrol station, with the city of Zagreb just a few kilometers away. But if I wanted to get there, I had to go next to the motorway, and I didn't want to take the risk. Specially when two police men stopped me to ask me where I had crossed the boarder, in which car and who was the driver. They checked my bag again, and let me go.

After waiting for almost an hour, I persuaded a man to driving me into town, and I only had to walk 5 minutes to my hosts' door!

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