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lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Few days in Ireland.

Since it was my second time in Ireland, I already knew Dublin doesn't deserve more than two days, considering I don't like Guinness. 
So we decided to rent a car for three days. We booked it through the Spanish website ealquilerdecoches, Ina day in advance, for 24€ total, but the price came out to be more than 50€. It's not the first negative experience I have with this company. It was still a good price, because a couple of years ago I paid 100€ per day. 

We headed to Lymerick, but the final destination was Dingle. A small fishing village in the west coast that gives the name to the peninsula. There's a dolphin living in the bay, and you can see it from the coast if you're lucky enough. 

We slept in the ink view hotel, outside town. The best thing was his owner Mike. We paid 40€ for a double room. Even though the village is plenty of B&Bs, the prices weren't really good. 

After half an hour walking, enough to round the whole Dingle, we went to the hotel to prepare dinner. 
We wanted to experience the nightlife. There were two pubs in town, plus one discotheque. We decided to go to the 'Mighty session', where there was a live traditional music show. 

There was also a hen party. There are two videos.  

We went to the discotheque when the show finished. Even though it was a tiny one, was empty except for the hen and another one that the girls couldn't even walk because of the alcohol. 

We went to sleep soon, to get a rest to the next day. We had decided to do one stage of eight the dingle ring has. 
We walked around 12 kilometers. It was so nice, despite the bad weather. Even though it wasn't raining, but the wind was as strong as we couldn't walk forward. The main spot was the views to the Blasket  islands. 

In my opinion it's a really nice visit. During summer there's many tourist, but in march you can enjoy the local culture, and relax yourself in a landscape which seems the north of Spain. 

Thank you Bati for talking me into coming to Dublin. It's not just that I had so much fun, but the long conversations almost 24 hours a day, learning a lot about different matters. And for letting me see that I'm not as weird as society makes me feel. 


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