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martes, 25 de marzo de 2014

Match day.

I arrived to Belgrade on game day. It was a game of the top-16 in the Euroleague, and Partizan was playing against Maccabi, one of the best teams in Europe. I wasn't sure whether going or not, because it was not an important game at all, but I had nothing else to do but sleeping, so I decided to try.

On my way to the Arena, I met a girl who was going to the game. I tried to talk to her, but she couldn't speak English, so it was hard to communicate. I speak a few words in Polish, and since it's similar to Serbian, I think we understood each other.

She told me that we were trying to get into the stadium with just her ticket, because there was no longer tickets on sale. The price anyway was ridiculous, not even 2 euros.

The guy in the door didn't let me go in, and she came out with me, trying to find someone selling tickets. As it seems to happen to me sometimes, I was lucky enough a guy came to us, and gave an extra ticket, for free.
I couldn't believe I was so lucky. AGAIN.

In the game I was staying with the ultras. It was crazy. They were singing, jumping and screaming for 30 minutes before the game started. And when it did, they didn't stop. Of course.
It was an amazing match, even though I couldn't enjoy it a lot because we were focus on singing instead of the game.

Partizan won for 2 points, in a really exciting game. When it finished, the fans became even crazier. And we celebrated the victory for 20 minutes with the players. I had never seen anything like this. I've been to hundred games in my life, but they were amazing. We took our t-shirts off in the last 5 minutes, and one of the guys threw it to the field, when Bogdanovic scored the buzzer beater.

Everything was great. I was feeling the luckiest person in the world. I couldn't believe I had not only arrived to Beograd hitch-hiking, I had done that on time for the game. I went for free, and it was one of the nicest experiences ever.
But when the game finished and everybody went out, of course singing, I decided to make a new video. One of the hooligans leaders came to me, and even though I didn't understand a shit, I assumed that he didn't like I was recording them, because he wanted to take my phone, he even pushed me. He let me go, though, but I wasn't feel safe until I got to the hostel, making my way longer than usual. Just in case they were following me.
 Nobody wanted to talk to me after that. I asked a girl what he had said to me, and she looked at me scared and went on the other way.

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