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domingo, 16 de marzo de 2014

Trying to hitch hike! 500 euros ticket!

I woke up this morning in Vienna, with an idea of where I wanted to get today. So I walked to the motorway, and just after 30 seconds waiting a car stopped and offered a ride to 30 km away in the direction I was planning to go. Of course, I accepted.

The next car took me like 10 minutes, and it only went 10 km further. And it wasn't a nice place to get picked up. After 20 minutes waiting, I gave up and decided to walk to a petrol station which was 2 km away. The only problem is that I walked throughout the motorway.

When I arrived to the petrol station, a car parked and they called me. After 20 minutes walking with the strongest wind I had ever seen before, I walked to them with the biggest smile ever because I thought they were going to give me a lift. But they were a couple of angry police officers, willing to give me a ticket for walking by the motorway. 
They asked for my ID, and told me that the ticket was 500 euros. Much more than I could afford. After a few minutes talking, and begging for not getting the ticket, they decided to let me go. 

The petrol station wasn't really big, so not many cars came by, and those which did, weren't kind enough to stop. I waited for 30 minutes, it was after 3PM, so I started to think that the goal I had set this morning was going to be quite difficult. I had travelled 50 km in like 3 hours, and I still had more than 300 km to go. 
But then I asked a guy to get to Graz, not far away and on the way to Ljubljana, but he was going to Italy, so he gave me a lift to the very center of Ljubljana. I couldn't believe I had arrived.

 The city is quite small, but it looks really nice and cozy. 

I had never been to Slovenia before, so it's the 27th country in my list!

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