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viernes, 14 de marzo de 2014


View from Schönbrunn .

After three days in Bratislava, I came to Vienna. I couldn't hitch-hike, so I came by bus. Just one hour away, and 7'20 euros.

This city is just amazing. After every single corner you can see a building even nicer than the previous one. Even though is only 80 km away from Bratislava, it's totally different. You can tell how the history has treated both countries. In the main street you can find the fanciest stores, and apparently people buy stuff. There's no crisis in Austria.
And it's plenty of tourist. Not like in Bratislava, where most of the foreing people you could see were either students or backpackers, in Vienna there're real tourists.

To visit the city you'll need time. It's big, and there's so many activities to do. Like the opera, or a classical music concert. You can find tickets for the Opera for 6 euros, but you have no sit, so you have to watch the whole act, longer than two hours, standing.

Most of the tourist spots are in the city centre. A ring surrounds the centre, and there's many beautiful churches, including the St Stephan Cathedral, within this ring.
In the ring street,  there's beautiful buildings, such the city hall, the parliament, the national history museum and the court theatre.

Outside the ring, but not far away,is St. Charles church. A really nice one. Also Stadpark, where the Johann Strauss monument is. This is a beautiful park, but not the only one.
Schönbrunn is a palace, with a beautiful gardens, and one of the best views of Vienna. The zoo is one of the best in Europe, and it's inside the gardens.
St. Charles. 


But my favourite is Prater. It's a big park, with a theme park inside, where the entrance is free and you just pay for the rides. The famous wheel, one of the symbols of Vienna, is located here. There's a really long avenue, perfect for running, cycling, skating, horse riding... It was heaven!
Following this avenue you see the football stadium, where Spain won the Eurocup 6 years ago.


St Stephan. 


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