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sábado, 22 de marzo de 2014

Zagreb. What to see.

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It's a big city, with around a million inhabitants
To get into Croatia, since is member of the European Union, you just need to show your ID in the passport control, as long as you are European.
Their currency is the "Kuna".But they may let you pay in € in some places.

I was lucky enough to visit Zagreb by bike. So I could go everywhere without wasting time. Otherwise you can use buses and tramps.

In the tourist information they just gave me a map, with a couple of circuits I had to follow in order to see the most important places in town. I kind of followed them, but as I love getting lost without using maps, I just made my own way.

The cathedral is really nice, but when I visited it was under construction works.

St Marks Church.

In the lower town, next to the art pavilion, there's a really nice park, where you can sit and enjoy when the weather is nice.

Zagreb has many museums, but the most famous is probably the broken relationships museum. Where the people donate the objects which remind them their ex. It costs around 3€

As a basketball lover I am, the most interesting place in Zagreb was the Drazen Petrovic museum. For only two €, you can see a collection of trophies and objects owned by Drazen.
I also went to the Mirogoj Cementery. It's huge. There's a monument to the soldiers in the first and the second world war.
And it's also Petrovic's tomb.

One thing I loved about Zagreb, was that there're markets in every neighborhood. They sell fresh fruit, really cheap, and really good quality. This is the most popular. Dolac Market. Just next to the Cathedral.

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  1. Efectivamente. Estas haciendo tu propio camino. Fantástica descripción de lugares, pero ¿es posible que nos hables un poco mas de la gente? y un poco de ti también. Besos