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jueves, 3 de abril de 2014


When I arrived to Belgrade, I felt since the first moment I was in a different country. You could see the socialist architecture, and also that the history has been different that all the countries I've visited so far. Even though Slovenia and Croatia were also Yugoslavia, they seemed completely different, due to the Kosovo War.

Belgrade has one of the best nightlife in Europe. However, I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to. I just went a club called Tube. A kind of underground place, but it wasn't really creepy.

Despite of the fact Belgrade is a big town, it's possible to walk everywhere. You can also use the public transport. I don't know the fares, I didn't pay.

Serbian Dinar. 1 euro is 115 dinars. (April 2014)

Where to stay?
I stayed in the Green Studio Hostel. They have two places. One of them is really quiet, even boring. The other one is nice to hang out and meet people. Both are really close to each other, so it doesn't matter where you sleep.
Price: 7 euros per night.

I liked:

  • It's next to the center, like 10-15 minutes walking. 
  • They make the laundry for free. 
  • They have a lounge, where you can hang out every night with people.
I didn't like:
  • It's not comfortable. the building is old and the lift doesn't work. 
  • It's not really clean. The mattress was just disgusting.  

Another option is the Hedonist Hostel. It's a bit more expensive, but I was told is a great hostel.

Where to eat?
I tried only a restaurant called teatroteka. It's very central, but it was a bit more expensive as I was expecting from Serbia. But since it was a restaurant for tourists, it's normal to pay a a bit extra. 
Salads cost from 4 to 6 euros. Typical Serbian food, like Cevapi, 6 euros, They charged almost one euro extra for a bread nobody ordered. 

What to visit? 

  • The fortress. It's a really nice one. You have the best view of the city from this place. You can see the confluence of the Danube and the Sava rivers. Also, you can see the original basket court of Partizan and Red Star. Really close to each other. 
  • Church of Saint Sava. It's the largest Orthodox church in the world. It's nice from outside. Inside it seems it's still not finished. 
  • Museum of Yugoslav History. For 2 euros (1 if you're student), you can visit the house of flowers. Where the Tito's mausoleum is. He was the father of the former Yugoslavia, and it's a really interesting place to visit. For more information: Press here.
  • The bombed buildings. From the 1999 war, there are still a few buildings they didn't repair, and it's really interesting to see. 
  • The riverside. Beautiful path for running, and going out. Plenty of boats, during the summer is where everybody go clubbing. 
  • Parliament.
    Saint Sava. 

  • Red Star.

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