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miércoles, 16 de abril de 2014

From Skopje to Sofia.

I left Skopje a day before I had planned, so I went to the road at 2pm. I waited for 10 minutes for the first ride, but he dropped me off in the middle of the highway. I tried to get a lift, but after 15 minutes I gave up and decided to walk to the next petrol station. The sign said it was "just" 2 kilometers away. So I started to walk, and by the time I arrived, a police car stopped me. I remembered the Austrian policeman, and I thought I wasn't going to be that lucky this time. 
They didn't speak English, but when I told them I was from Spain, they said: Spain really good! Real Madrid! Go go, no worries. 

So, I went to the petrol station, but it wasn't a good place because it didn't go to back to the highway. I kept walking another 2 km, until I arrived to a ramp, where I waited for 20 minutes, until a car from Kosovo stopped. We went together for 30 km to Kumanovo, and once there, I tried to look for the exit to Sofia, which was 4 kilometers away by the highway. So, I walked that distance. I was so tired, kind of desperate because I had walked 8 km, it was late, I still had 200km to Sofia, and I had to keep in mind they are one hour ahead, so it was going to be hard to find a ride as the minutes passed.
But then a car stopped, with three really nice Bulgarian guys who were going to Sofia and, after asked me whether I had drugs in my bag, didn't mind to cross the boarder with me. 

After a few minutes driving, suddenly, a police man appeared from nowhere, and stopped us. We were going too fast, so the guys bribed him, and he let us go on. 20 minutes later, another police man stopped us, but this time nothing was wrong, so we didn't need to bribe them again. 

In the boarder we waited 30 minutes until the Macedonian officers accepted to check our passports. 

So my opinion about Macedonian police men is not really good!

We stopped to have dinner after the boarder, and those lovely guys didn't let me pay. Also, they called a friend of them, who owned a hostel, and dropped me off in the hostel's door. The day had not started really well, but everything worked out at the end. 

Thank you Niki!

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