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lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Kosovska Mitrovica.

I went into a bar, asking for the wifi but I was actually longing to meet somebody, and make he/she feel sorry for me, so they hosted me.

As soon as I asked the guy in the bar about the password, a girl came to me and we started to talk. I sat with her and her friends, and we talked for about an hour. They told me there was a kind of students' accomodation, where I could sleep for 5€ per night. It was not what I was looking for, but considering where I was, I couldn´t decline another nice offer.

So, we went to the suburbs, and we came into a convenience store, because the owner rented the rooms. It was the creepiest place I had ever seen. My room was a really big one, with four beds, and it was just for myself.

I didn´t feel really safe, since the door had no key, but I had no choice. One of the students came and invited me to hang out a bit, until it was time to sleep. The whole residence came, and we stayed until very late.

It was a really interesting night. I learnt a lot about Serbia history, they told me about the war, their feelings, what they did, how their fathers went to fight nd they didn´t know about them for months.
How they feel nobody cares about them, since they are Serbs, but living in Kosovo.

We had a really interesting conversation, but they didn´t trust me. They didn´t want to tell me their real names, they didn´t want me to take any pictures. One of them even suggested I was a spy. Anyway, it was a really interesting night, and it made me understand that life is not as easy for everybody as it´s for people in western countries.

They day after, I left the place, and nobody asked me to pay.

The students residence.
The town looked even worse in the morning. It seemed  jungle, and I was told after that it really is. No security at all, murders every week... But the people were really friendly, very helpful and even though they spoke no English, they made their best to help me all the time. I will have a great memories of that day.

I crossed the bridge, and that was the moment when I felt I had entered to Kosovo. Totally different town, architecture. Instead of Churchs, there was mosques. The cars had plates again. There were police men, and even Portuguese soldiers in the streets.
But the people were very rude. They didn´t want to speak with a foreign, some of them even ran away from me. I wasn´t enjoying at all, so after half an hour in that town, I went to the road, to start my hitch-hiking to Pristina.

The famous bridge.

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  1. Tremendo. Nunca podemos llegar a imaginarnos lo que realmente es una situación de conflicto de esas características ni las secuelas que deja. Por eso es imperdonable que vivamos ajenos a la realidad, ignorando que eso no está lejano y que se puede producir en cualquier momento en cualquier lugar. Y terrible concluir cuales son las verdaderas causas de las tragedias que con el disfraz de los intereses étnicos, religioso, nacionales, territoriales, en realidad esconden el único y autentico interés que atenaza y oprime a ésta humanidad, el egoismo, la dominación económica. El capitalismo.