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martes, 8 de abril de 2014


The Kosovo's parliment declared independence on 2008. However, the Republic of Kosovo is recognised as a sovereign state for 107 countries. 
The official languajes are Albanian and Serbian. But it's better not to speak Serbian in the Albanian side, and vice versa. 

Their currency is the €.

They don't have any mobile network, so they used either the one from Slovenia or Monaco. They use two numbers, in order to call their friends, depending on the operator they have.

To get in you can fly to Pristina Airport, or go by road. There's no problem in the boarder, but if you want to go to Serbia from Kosovo, they don't acept the stamp, so you might have to go back.

The cathedral.

I wanted to visit this town, to see how the war had affected the architecture, the city, but speccially the people.

I had heard it was the youngest population in Europe, the people were nice and friendly, it was quite easy to speak English with young people. I knew I shouldn´t expect an impressive town as all of the capitals I had visited so far. 

The main street is plenty of bars and coffees, and all the terraces were full in a Thursday afternoon. I saw a very lively city, and as I expected, plenty of young people. But they were not as friendly as I had been told, perhaps because their English was not fluent. It was difficult to ask for directions or for restaurants.

What to do?
  • In town the best you can do is sit in a coffee or a restaurant, since it´s really cheap.
  • Go out. I didn´t, but it´s pretty good aparently.
What to visit?
  • The Bill Clinton monument. In the Avenue called after him. 
  • The national library. In the University.
  • Visit the mosques in town. There´s many of them.
  • The cathedral, is still under construction.
  • The suburbs. It´s really hard to see how some people live. I saw kids looking in the waste containers.
There's not Tourist Information Office, and I could not get any map of town.
National library

Where to sleep?
I slept with Art, a CouchSurfer. I saw a hostel in the very center. The Hostel Pristina, but I can´t tell anything since I didn't even go in.

Where to eat?
There's a restaurant in Prizrenske Lige st. It looks fancy, but it´s cheap and really good quality. A three courses lunch, for not even 5€.
For a dring, there's a coffee called "Dit e Nat".

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