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domingo, 13 de abril de 2014


The capital of the Republic of Macedonia was a really nice surprise.

I found a vibrant city, with a lot of bars and people in the streets, enjoying the nice weather in a Saturday afternoon.

It's the largest city in Macedonia. There's more than 500.000 inhabitants.

  • Their currency is the Macedonian Denar. 1 euro 61 denars. (April 2014)
  • Being European citizen you can get in with your ID or passport without needing a visa. 
  • Their official language is Macedonian, similar to Serbian and Bulgarian. They use Cyrillic alphabet. But you can also find information in English. Not everybody speak English, but the young people do, if not perfect, enough to communicate. 

Where to stay?
Unity Hostel.  Really nice and clean. It's next to the center and to the fortress. They provide a basic breakfast.
Price: 9 euros per night.

I liked:

  • Very central. 
  • Extremely clean. 
  • Nice staff. 
I didn't like:
  • There were no people to hang out. 
  • The computer is too slow. 
  • They told me the laundry was for free, but it wasn't. 
Archaeological museum. 

What to visit?
Most of the main spots are together. As far as I was told, the government has invested a huge amount of money in monuments, to make the city nicer. Everything looks, of course, really new.  
Porta Macedonia. 
  • The fortress was closed due to reparations, but you can still climb the hill to enjoy the nice views of the town. 
  • Porta Macedonia. 
  • The Parliament. 
  • The Stone Bridge. 
  • Archaeological museum.
  • Alexander the Great statue. 
  • Macedonia Sq. 
  • St. Clement of Ohrid Cathedral. 
  • Vodno Mountain. It takes a few hours, but there's a beautiful view of the city if it's a sunny day. 
Going out. 
The most famous place is Coliseum. But on the riverside there's many bars and clubs that may be cheaper. 

St Clement of Ohrid Cathedral.

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