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jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Hitch-hicking from Sofia to Romania.

Not far away from a new country. 
I left Sofia without knowing whether going to Bucharest or the west part. So I let the drivers decide where I was going to sleep that night.

I started the trip too late, around 3 pm, so I knew I wasn't going to get far away.

I needed 2 cars and one truck to get to the boarder between Bulgaria and Romania. I was in Svishtov, but to get to Romania I had to take a ferry which crosses the Danube. Luckily, I arrived on time to get the last one, at 7 pm. It cost 2€.

I wanted to get a lift from the people who were traveling in the ferry, but there were just two trucks and a car.
They weren't going far away, but accepted to drop me off at the closest town, as long as I crossed the boarder on foot.

After the custom they picked me up, and drive for 10 minutes until we got to Zimnicea. A really small town, where I could only find sand roads.

The people stared at me, as though I was the first tourist they had ever seen. But they were friendly, and helped me to find the main road, since there were no hotel in that town.

On my way to the "big" road, a group of girls asked me for my telephone number, but they didn't speak English so it didn't work out.

A car stopped after 10 minutes waiting, and they gave me a lift to Fantanele. Once there, they called their son, on order to translate that they could drop me off in Alexandria, a big city, 40 min away, if I paid them. I didn't have money, and I wasn't willing to pay for transportation. The weather was nice, so I asked them for a park where I could sleep, and get up early to keep going the day after.

My Romanian Grandma. 
They told me there were no parks in town, so I offered to work with their animals if they let me stay in their place.
I think they felt sorry for me, because they accepted. We went to Alex's grandma, and we ate a delicious dinner. He showed me the little village he lived in and he introduced me to his friends.

The day after, we had breakfast in his grandma's. French fries with eggs and wine at 9 o'clock in the morning.

I went to the road around 10:30, ready to get to Cluj-Napoca. 550 km away.

It went pretty good. I took 7 different vehicles. The road wasn't good at all, and one of the trucks took 1 hour to cover 40 km. I also went into a taxi, who got mad when I told him I had no money, but he drove me for 100 km anyways.

I eventually got to Cluj at night. Such a long trip from Sofia. Over 800 km in two days, but meeting Alex was a great experience. I really appreciate your help, and I hope I can see you again in Spain amigo!


Overtaking at a dangerous curve. 

Repairing the lights. 

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