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martes, 27 de mayo de 2014


A few months ago, when I was planning my trip, I spent a few days looking for the cheapest way to get to the USA.
I could have never imagined that Moscow was the cheapest and the most convenient one. It was 150€ cheaper than fly from London. And it was a direct flight. Since that day I was checking the prices every day, but I didn't dare to buy it.
Finally I paid not even 300€ for the flight with Transaero.

And finally, I saw myself in Vnukovo Airport, on that Monday, April 21st, ready to get to a new continent. They made check my backpack, book a hostel for the first night and also buy a ticket to get out the country. I wasn't happy with those purchases, but fly from Russia to USA is not easy I guess.

The plane was way bigger that then ones I tend to fly at. I understood that Ryanair is not as good as I thought, specially when I helped myself of drinks and food.
I couldn't sleep in the plane, because the sunlight was following us. Actually, we set off at 10:20 and arrived to the JFK Airport, 11 hours later, at 12:30.

I was so looking forward to seeing the Manhattan skyline from the plane, but the pollution was like a big cloud between the airport and the big apple.

The passports control line was massive, and I waited for almost an hour until I got to the officer. He was, despite was I had been told, extremely friendly, and after a few jokes he stamped my passport.

I took the train to my hostel, in Manhattan. Just in from of Central Park. The metro was old, but it had a charm as any other subway has. There were people singing and asking for money. They were so cool.
When I got out the train, almost an hour later, and got to the street I could see a few big buildings, the yellow taxis and, bigger than I had imagined, Central Park. Finally I was here. It never was the city of my dreams, but after 6 months thinking of that, I was like dreaming.

Flight details.
Moscow Vnukovo-NYC JFK.
Distance: 7500 km.
Duration: 11 hours.
Price: 295€, bought 10 weeks earlier. One way.
Plane: Boeing 777-200

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