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martes, 24 de junio de 2014

Coming to Venezuela.

I never thought of coming to Venezuela. As far as I knew, I could get killed or kidnapped  anywhere.
I was staying in Trinidad, in a CouchSurfer's place, talking about trips around South America. I was supposed to take a plane to Georgetown, in Guyana, on Wednesday the 28th. I had been thinking of this flight for months. I had decided Guyana was going to be the first country I'd visit in South America.

But he talked me into going to Venezuela. There was a ferry, and the same day I was about taking my plane, the ferry was doing the last trip, due to the situation in Venezuela. That made me excited about it, and started thinking about it. 

It took me 10 minutes to decide I wasn't going to take the flight and I went to the harbor instead. I had to be there really early in the morning, at 7 am. And they asked me a flight ticket as a proof I was going to leave the country. I didn't know when, or where I was going next, so I made a fake ticket and try to go through the custom. 

It worked, and I was in the ferry, seeing Venezuela, but still I was far away from Güiria. 

In the ferry I met this Argentinian traveller, who had gotten to Trinidad after a month sailing the sea from Cape Town, and we decided to hitch-hike together for a while. 

In the custom, the guards were opening all the bags. I told them I had my drugs at the bottom of mine, and they found it funny, so I didn't need to unpack everything as I did a few months ago in Croatia.

My first sight of Venezuela wasn't really nice. Güiria is not really nice place, and as I was told, it's not really safe. But we got a lift with a family we met in the ferry to the next petrol station, where we got the next ride in 30 seconds. 

I was in Venezuela, a dangerous place according to many embassies, but I was enjoying myself and the people were the friendliest I had ever seen before. I'll write about it in the next few days. 

Ferry details. 
Port of Spain - Güiria 
Distance: 90 km. 
Duration: 4 hours. 
Price: Around 80€. Beverages included. 

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