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jueves, 26 de junio de 2014

Venezuela. Pui Puy beach.

I arrived to Venezuela without specific plans, as usual. I wanted to go somewhere in the Caribbean sea and spend a few days chilling. When I was leaving the ferry, a Norwegian guy told me to go to Pui Puy beach, a really nice one where I could camp.

I had no idea where it was, but we asked the drivers and it didn't seem far away.

We got the first lift, as I wrote, in 30 seconds, and we went at the back for like 15 minutes. We waited for a while, because the traffic was slow. The first track we saw was carrying fruits and had no room for us, but they gave us a watermelon. The next one gave us a papaya, and the third one picked us up. They were bringing seeds to many cities, so it took us a long time to get to Rio Caribe. The closest city to Pui Puy.

It was dark, and as we were told, it was dangerous to try to hitch-hike at night. And quite difficult to get a ride that late. So they look for a guest house, and the paid a room for us, as well as they gave us some food.

So we slept in a basic guest house in Rio Caribe. We had no clue how far we had gone, since we had no map, nor internet network at all.

The day after we woke up really early, and try to get a ride to the beach, which was just an hour away. We couldn't get any ride, and a police car stopped, asked what we were doing, and they gave us some money to pay the bus to the next city. We did so, and the we only waited 10 minutes until we got a lift. We needed 2 more cars, and 45 minutes to get to this beautiful beach.

We assembled the tent, and spent 3 days eating coconuts, mangos, and cooking making a fire everyday.

It was an amazing experience. Learning to survive whit we could find from the trees, since there was no shops at all.
Of course, we didn't have any shower or toilet. But I loved the freedom I felt. I didn't need anything else than I was experiencing.

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