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viernes, 11 de julio de 2014

Venezuela. My new family.

After three days in Pui Puy, I decided to go to the south. My plan was get to Ciudad Guayana as soon as possible, where I would be hosted by a CouchSurfer.
I had just 380 km left, but I knew it would take longer in the Venezuelan roads.
I got a ride to Rio Caribe, and they helped me a lot. First, they gave me some money, enough for eating a couple of days. And also they prayed for me so god would come with me on my trips.
I was for the first time in a town in Venezuela on my own. Everybody stared at me. They were not used to see a gringo I guess.

It took me 15 minutes to get a car, just to Carupano. Where I was dropped off in the middle of town. I was planning to go to the petrol station, a couple of km away, and I didn't want to walk the whole way. But it seemed everybody is a cab driver in Venezuela, and nobody wanted to pick me up without paying. I eventually jumped into a car, and got to the petrol station. After 5 minutes, I was in a microbus which was going to Maturin. The driver was really friendly, and he bought me some typical Venezuelan sweets on our way.

We got to Maturin when it was getting dark, and he advised me to spend the night in the city, because it was really dangerous.
I asked in a hotel, and I decided it was really expensive (3€ per night). So I went back to the road and tried to get a ride to anywhere.

It wasn't as easy as I thought, until a car stopped, and a lady, who was more scared than me, asked me where I was from, why I was hitch-hiking, where I was planning to go and so on.
I got into the car, where I was the 7th passenger.
They offered to take me to a hotel, but I asked them to stay in their place. They thought about it and accepted.

We got to their house, and after the dinner they proposed me to stay a couple of nights, so we could meet each other. They were really nice to me, and I couldn't say no. Those two days became a week. I had an amazing time with them, and everyone in their neighborhood.

They treated me as a son. They gave me everything they had, and it was so difficult for me to say good bye.

I actually consider them my family now, and I'm so looking forward to going to Maturin again to visit the family Seijas.

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