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viernes, 29 de agosto de 2014

From Maturín to Puerto Ordaz.

A week later than I had planned, I set off to Puerto Ordaz, where Romel was waiting for me.

I said goodbye to the family Seijas, and they arranged me a cab to go to the edge of the town, where I could get a ride.

I was in a petrol station, but it didn't seem easy to get a lift. Most of the cars, as usual in Venezuela, were taxis. While waiting, there was a lady selling drinks, and she came to me with a natural lemon juice, and gave it as a present.

A truck stopped after around 30 minutes, and he was going to Puerto Ordaz. At the beginning he didn't know whether speak Spanish, because for him I looked as a gringo. He was such a nice driver, whom made my trip very comfortable, he was actually afraid that I was hitch-hiking around Venezuela.
Crossing the Orinoco
On our way, Romel called me and he asked me to get out of the car next to the Orinoco river, the biggest one I had ever seen, because he was coming from work on the same road, and it would be easier to meet somewhere on the road that in town.
I did so, even though the truck driver was scared my friend wouldn't show up, and he begged me to call him as soon as I was in the car.

I didn't need to call him, since he called three times to make sure Romel wouldn't forget about me. But it didn't happen, and I arrived to Puerto Ordaz safely. After almost 5 hours, to cover 230 km, from door to door.

I spent 10 days in total in Puerto Ordaz. Where I got sick, and I spent 4 days at bed, going every 30 minutes to the toilet, even though I didn't eat for three days.

I also went to the Angel's fall, but it deserves a post itself.

In Romel's home, I felt I was back in the civilization. I could take a shower or drink water from the tap, something I couldn't do for the last 10 days.

During my days in Ciudad Guayana, I went to the Guri Dam, which is the forth biggest in the world.

To visit the Llovizna park is a must. You'll have to take a cab (no more than 2$), since it's a bit far from town, but it's definitely worth it. It's the perfect place to go for a picnic, take pictures, relaxing, or for a run.
It's called after the pouring rain that the big waterfall produces.

I want to thank Romel, and his flatmates Alexis and Carlos, for the time and the moments I spent with them. I'm looking forward to going back someday!


Llovizna Park

Llovizna Park

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